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今天要给大家分享的是一部来自美国的《庞培启示录》,这部电影讲述的是When a Former Special Opscommando visits Pompeii, his wife anddaughter are trapped as Mt.Vesuvius erupts with massive force. While hisfamily fights to survivethe deadly onslaught of heat and lava, heenlists his former teammatesin a daring operation beneath the ruins ofPompeii.


◎名 称: Apocalypse Pompeii
◎国家地区: USA
◎I M D B:  3.8
◎豆 瓣:  N/A
◎风 格: Action , Adventure
◎发行年份: 2014
◎上映日期: 2014-02-18(USA)... 点击查看详情 | 点击查看高清下载地址